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Unearthing insight

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Over the course of the last few weeks, as per my previous post, I defined and executed a market research brief for the strategic insight and foundation to begin crafting my marketing strategy.

Across the next few posts, I will share my top-line insights and conclusions. Thinking out loud, this is likely to include:

  • Understanding the “sports consumer” - understanding that they’re not that different to other types of consumers;

  • Identifying the stages of fan development - how and why people engage with sport, and what are the key motivations and steps towards developing a fan;

  • Defining the market that we operate within - in understanding that the consumption of AFL fits across two different types of market types, repertoire and subscription;

  • The characteristics and make-up of the South Australian sports spectatorship market - understand the specifics of the market;

  • Dissecting the South Australian sports spectatorship market - segmenting and mapping the heterogenous audiences that sit within market;

  • Profiling each segment - to critically define and describe our audiences demographically, attitudinal and behaviourally to help ensure that we understand our audiences better than ever;

  • Understanding where Port Adelaide supporters sit within these 11 unique audiences - defining many there are in each segment, and the split of our total supporter base.

Now obviously I wont be able to share all of the detail, notably because this insight and understanding holds a competitive advantage, but I believe the learnings from this body of work are far reaching, specifically for those in sports marketing, so will endeavour to share what I can.


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