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Listen: Indistractable

I'm obsessed with Jon Evan's podcast, Uncensored CMO. Definitely worth a subscription.

On a run recently, I dived into his first episode with Nir Eyal. It's a must listen. Notably if you're someone like me who is always looking to uncover the secret to becoming a powerhouse in the marketing world.

In a nutshell, as a marketer, distractions can be our worst enemy. But, with Nir's advice (I bought his book), we get a guide to creating systems and processes that support our ability to stay focused and on task. From starting and finishing a strategy through to our day-to-day behaviour. Productivity, well it's all just about willpower (isn't everything?)

Ultimately, we need to be better and dig deep and discover the root causes of our distractions. By doing so, we can better address underlying issues like boredom and anxiety, 'doing' and rectification, and become "indistractable" in our work.

Setting clear goals and priorities is essential. It's time to stop trying to do everything at once and start focusing on a few key tasks - we we need to develop routines, processes and ultimately habits and ways of working that will support our productivity and help us to manage our time and attention more effectively.

If you're keen to take your marketing game to the next level and become a productivity master, this episode drives some home truths and insights on staying focused and achieving goals.



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