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Getting on the mic'

I recently came across a wonderful article pertaining to the huge attendance concerns flagging MLB (Major League Baseball) in the States. You can read it here.

Whilst the article is brilliant, what I became more interested in was the Author. After doing some digging, and further reading, I very quickly felt like I had to know Dave Wakeman. Possibly because I feel like I'm somewhat cut from the same cloth, but mostly because what he talks about is just so important. For anyone working in marketing, who's aware their job is to generate revenue, you want to follow his blog, and connect personally (Twitter / LinkedIn).

After a few weeks of chatting offline and trading ideas and thoughts, last week I was invited on to his Podcast, The Business of Fun.

As an avid listener of Sean Callanan's Sports Geek Podcast, where I always walk away from a session feeling so informed, the #sportsbiz Podcast benchmark has been set very high. Knowing this, I was obviously nervous - particularly in worrying that I would just waste everyone's time as a tripped over myself in a bid to make any sense.

But I think it turned out OK and I had a great time with Dave as we navigated a huge remit of different topics, including (what comes to mind):

  • The role of strategy - you just cannot survive without it because otherwise you're always reacting.

  • Short-term focus will hurt you more than it helps you - the constant pursuit of immediate ROI (elevated by role and immediate access of digital) will come at the cost of the long-term, particularly around building a brand and filling the funnel with lighter users.

  • Light consumers are just as important as heavy consumers - like all different industries, there are many types of sports consumers and it's important to appeal and address their respective motivations and needs. Relying solely on heavy-buyers elevates the importance of short-term focus and will put the business under intensifying pressure in years to come.

  • Focus on core business before pursuing new - when you have limited resource, spreading yourself to thin can have a devastating effect on your bottom line. It's vital that before pursuing new markets, products, opportunities, your core business is optimised and sustainable.

  • Marketing needs to be a profit center - and that changing it from it's status quo (a cost center) requires education and elevation.

  • You are not your audience - our job is to understand our audience's needs and wants, not apply our needs and wants on to them thinking they think and behave the same way.

  • The fundamentals of marketing haven't changed - whether you work in sport, or not, and whether you work in digital or not, you have to understand them and implement then,

  • And more...

If you have some time to listen, you can find it here on Dave's page. Hopefully you take something out of it. I welcome any thoughts, questions or just comments in general.


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