What's Idiots of F1?

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United by an amateurish and mostly uneducated love for Formula 1, three everyday fans armed with a microphone are on a mission to obnoxiously share their insights and opinions with anyone that will listen. With next to no strategic or technical experience, each episode of this new, unofficial F1 podcast digests the latest Formula One on and off-track news, controversy, characters and gossip in a bid to help break down the complexities and barriers of one of the world’s most entertaining competitions

Whether new to the track, a know-it-all who’s seen it all (and is bored), or just an in-betweener, Ev, Oli and Digby (the Idiots of F1) will be joined for a laugh, some gritty awkwardness and mostly some lightness in a world, and a sport, that can often take itself far too seriously.