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Hi, I'm Oli Shawyer.
I'm a marketing
and branding specialist, hell-bent on challenging the 'norm'. Not accepting it.

about me

About Me 

With nearly 15 years of experience that has included building and running two separate marketing agencies in Sydney, Australia, I've witnessed (and admittedly been part of) a lot of wasted marketing efforts. I've seen execution after execution go to market with no defined strategy. I've seen brands and products designed with no idea of who their audiences are. I've listened to people proclaim how people think, because it's how they think. I've swallowed a lot of 'it's how we've always done it'. Regardless of category and industry, it's a challenge for many. But opportunity for some.  

What I get out of bed for

Obsessed with understanding human behaviour and the principles of strategic growth, I thrive in helping ensure that building and maintaining a brand is not only as efficient, but importantly, as effective as possible by being grounded in the fundamentals and humility of marketing. Guided by a tightly defined strategy that builds the 'how' bridge of getting from where you are now to where you want to be, key areas of support on offer includes:



Getting to know
your audience


Helping you craft
your strategy


Bringing your
brand to life


Extending your
team's capacity

Some brands I've worked
with over the years


Jason Doyle, Gtiffith University

"Oli is one of the thought leaders in the Australian sport industry, with a demonstrated track record of producing results. His appreciation for research and ability to translate the latest academic insights into marketing strategy is unique. His ideas are forward thinking and future proof - and applicable across sport and other high involvement consumer settings."

With a burning passion and interest in human behaviour, I've built my reputation as a strategic problem solver by keeping the audience first and asking questions in doing so. I believe that most people are driven by emotion, rarely consume information provided, don't actually think about our brands as much as we do, and will almost always pursue the path of least resistance.

Some of my ponderings

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